Fire Up Your Happiness is an uplifting course that shows you how to improve your mental wellness and create better emotional fitness.

If you're feeling stuck in a rut, overwhelmed, low, stressed out, or just want to learn how to feel better in yourself - then this course is for you.

It puts you firmly back in the driving seat of your life and teaches you how to take charge of 'Firing Up' your own good mood and feel happier on a daily basis.

My name is Matt Pepper and I'd love to help you improve your state of mind and fire up your Va Va Voom in quick and easy steps.

Learn How To

  • Deal with stressful situations in a new and empowering way

  • Quickly and effectively lift your mood 

  • Boost your energy and clarity

  • Avoid negative stressful over thinking

  • Rediscover your natural confidence

  • Find better, more positive mindsets

  • Feel happier and less drained

  • Reverse your mood when it starts to dip

The Life-Changing Ways

to lifting your mood include

Say 'goodbye' to the belief that circumstances dictate how you feel. Learn ways to put yourself back in charge of how you feel, no matter what's going on around you.

Find out how to fill your mind with positive and optimistic thoughts that uplift and inspire you, rather than get bogged down in negative stinking thinking.

Learn how to find the best possible perspective in stressful situations and when things get tough. Your empowered state of mind will take you over life's hurdles and move you forward in the direction you want.

Be able to create your own positive emotions at will; this is really a game changer. Make your day more upbeat and weed out any unwanted and draining emotions that you don't want affecting your life.

And much, much more.

Meet Matt

Matt Pepper is a practitioner, author, mental fitness trainer and passionate speaker about mental and emotional wellness. He delivers his PeppTalks to companies, universities and NHS medical teams.

He has spent 25 years working 1-2-1 with clients from all walks of life from celebrities to students, CEO’s to nurses. In this course he shares the secrets, learned over a long career, of what it truly takes for people to be happy.

He has consulted for with the NHS, RAF, Colgate and many other organisations delivering  his approach to positive mental and emotional health through his programmes and workshops.

His book  'Happiness The Inside Job' was recommended by the band Coldplay, saying it is “Insightful and inspiring

He runs his private practice from London’s Harley Street, where he has been working for the past 20 years.

Having witnessed the benefits this course has had on the lives of 1000's people who have attended his live workshops, Matt is thrilled to be able to now bring this course  directly to you at home.

If you are struggling

If you are struggling and not feeling good in yourself, you may find that your life, relationships, work and everything else in between feels tough and difficult.

State of mind dictates everything we do…

it’s so important to do what it takes to feel good again.

When you grasp the tools and tips that this course offers and take hold of the steering wheel of your own happiness, 

your life can change for the better. 

Matt's absolutely passionate about knowing that we ALL have the power to change our lives and it starts with learning to feel good on the inside…

Matt was the content creator for Colgate's European Optimism Campaign. Delivered to 12 countries in 8 languages

What People Say

'This course is a brilliant tool !'

Laurent Cayet Vice-President Brand + Equity - Colgate

It was a series of light bulb moments that changed the way I look at life. Realising you can control your own happiness and optimism is life-changing.

'A wonderful work out for the mind and soul !'

Zoë Harris Divisional Director - NHS RD&E Trust

Having the tools to lift ourselves and each other up was a game-changer. If you want to fire up your happiness look no further...!

'Problems will not get in your way after this course...Everybody needs to do this'

Liz Foord Head of Strategy - Redfuse

'This is a game changer for your mood. I felt so empowered going through course. Matt has an uniquely accessible approach with his practical and playful tone. He really helps you find a sense of empowerment and a new level of resilience in the face of pressure and adversity...'

'It's Joe Wicks for the mind!'

Rob Mellor - Oxford UK

'I loved the whole course, so compelling. In a world that is full of overwhelming activities, people, places and priorities, this course helped me re-order the clutter in my mind by providing immediate actionable ways of thinking'

Origins in Great Ormond Street Hospital

This programme came from the work Matt was asked to do to help build the resilience and mental well-being of the staff and medics at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Since 2015, Matt has delivered this programme live to 1000's of people, witnessing first  hand the benefits it has to improve their mental and emotional fitness.

Put Yourself Back In The Driving Seat

Let’s get you back to feeling your best, whatever your starting point.

You can think about happiness in two different ways:

1.Reactive Happiness 

This is where your mood goes up and down depending on your circumstances, how you are being treated, your state of mind, the weather, the news, and so on.

2.Proactive Happiness 

This is where you learn the ways to Fire Up Your Own Happiness, take charge of your good mood, ride the wave of stress and become more resilient despite external factors. 

This is where your power really lies.

The tools and topics we will cover together are the mental and emotional life skills that we were never taught at school. 

They are easy, practical, genuinely usable techniques that will enable you to make minor changes in your life that will make a major difference.

This course aims to empower you past your problems by learning how to enhance your mental fitness, increase emotional strength and be able to enjoy your life with both freedom and passion.

Life can be a rollercoaster, but your happiness doesn't have to be.

Fire Up Your Happiness TODAY. Lift your mood and create a better future for yourself...

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